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How to Ship to the US from Nigeria

The air and express delivery service is an $18 billion industry in the United States while providing export infrastructure for many exporters and small businesses. The best way for you to ship parcels and large items (cargo) to the US from Nigeria is through MGL Logistics.

How does MGL Logistics work?

To get a delivery quote and start shipping, use our simple and fast quote engine on www.mbeelinks.com and click ‘Ship Now’ to create an account and send your item easily!

How much does it cost to ship from Nigeria to the US?
We cater to every budget and need and that is why we have two delivery options:

1. Express shipping
Our express shipping is the fastest way to ship from Nigeria to the US. With this plan, you get expedited delivery and processing times. Delivery takes 5-7 working days.

2. Cargo shipping
Our cargo shipping is the cheapest way to ship parcels from Nigeria to the US. It takes 7-14 working days.

Other benefits of using MGL Logistics are reliable and accessible customer service, shipment notifications, and visibility on your order!

How do I ship to the US from Nigeria with MGL Logistics?

1. Weigh your package: The first thing you need to do is weigh your package (Can’t weigh your package? Visit our drop-off centers in Lagos

2. Visit our website – www.mbeelinks.com and create an account/log in to your account

3. Tap on ‘ship now’ and ‘book an export’

4. Select whether you want to drop off or you want to pick off

5. Enter the details of the sender and the recipient

6. Declare the item, the weight, and other additional information

7. Pay and that’s it, your package is on its way to the recipient

What can I ship from Nigeria to the US?
You can ship the following items to the US:

1. Fashion products: clothes, textiles, footwear, accessories, bags, pieces of jewelry, beauty products

2. Electronics: Television, gadgets, appliances, computer supplies

3. Home accessories: Decorations, furniture, home, and kitchen appliances

4. Sports equipment: gym equipment, sports accessories

5. Baby products: Baby wear, baby supplies, baby equipment

6. Foodstuff: grains, oils, noodles, dried fish

7. Other: Solar panels, inverters, vehicle parts, etc

What can I not ship from Nigeria to the US?
Due to customs laws, you cannot ship the following to the US:

1. Prohibited food: Meat, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables

2. Restricted items: explosives, firearms, ammunition

3. Goods infringing on intellectual property rights (pirated books, fake items)

4. Offensive weapons and self-defense sprays

This list is not exhaustive so to be on the safe side, we advise you to reach out to us before booking and check the laws of the United States for prohibited items.

Customs Duties and Taxes in the United States
The US customs have laws around prohibited and restricted items that govern what you can import to the country. To help understand what each category means and examples of such items, they have curated a resource that you should check out here.

If you need anything, we’re here. You can send us a message at info@mbeelinks.com or call us on 08053731951.

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1 year ago

That’s amazing, I thought it will be really hard to export from Nigeria to USA.

I’ll give your company a try

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